Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My Consciousness Will Never Be The Same

If you have never seen DanCoyote Antonelli's Zero G Skydancers, you have not lived in SL...scratch that, you have not lived, period.. A combination of mystical atmosphere stemming from the background music of Mic Mahoney and the elegant dance of the sky performers unites in creating a totally new experience of the virtual space.

The show starts by a lowering of the client-side light intensity to the midnight setting. Then, on the soft notes of a beautiful melody that inspires awe and mystery, the dancers enter into view, wearing wings made from DanCoyote's fine art paintings. The graceful movement in the dark, enhanced by flexies and local lighting, produces a poetic atmosphere, one that truly makes one experience Second Life on a completely new layer of complexity and beauty.

The digital angels of the show, Kokoro Fasching, Deborah Strangelove, Anhinga Chaika and Kumi Kuhr have worked long and hard under the careful supervision of DanCoyote, and have pioneered the idea of an art performance in SL. To my knowledge, this is indeed a first of its kind.

If you missed the 12:00 pm performance as tribute to the opening of New West, please return to Brilliant tonight, at 7, 8 and 9 pm SLT...and be prepared for something truly unique and amazing.

Dancoyote & ZeroG Skydancers

Check out In Kenzo's footage at http://inkenzo.blip.tv and some snapshots of mine here http://www.flickr.com/photos/78893735@N00/sets/72157594214204830/

Pathfinder Linden: "i have seen Cirque du Soleil in RL...and this was more beautiful"


Blogger ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ said...

I am looking forward to seeing this tonight with my girlfriend!

08 August, 2006 18:46  
Blogger Thea said...

it's really an experience beyond what mere words can describe...and it'll make quite a date :) enjoy, both of you!

08 August, 2006 19:27  
Blogger Evonne @ Amoration said...

sooo beautiful!

we got the videoblog up, there's almost two minutes of footage in there and i have a few more minutes in the archives. http://inkenzo.blip.tv or http://amoration.fotki.com/isea/ for photo lovers.

09 August, 2006 03:44  
Anonymous Sam said...

The DanCoyote ZeroG SkyDancers is live performance group which combines many aspects of Second Life technologies into stunning viual and audio performances. This show raises the standards for evaluating performance art, not just in the virtual world of Second Life.

29 May, 2009 08:37  
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