Saturday, October 27, 2007


...Strawberry Holiday, an artist who is interested in spreading the word about interesting exhibits and places - to share experiences with anyone who has a desire to explore. When asked, "Why do you want to do this?" she said:

'Because there is so much fantastic art (besides mine, of course) in Second Life, and people always seem shocked and amazed when I show them new things. It'd be much more efficient to blog about it, rather than to teleport the 150 friends on my list to each build, or art piece individually.

Meeting so many people via. my latest installation, "A Fishbowl View..." has made me realize I do have something to contribute to the SL art world, more than just making stuff.. because though there's awareness in certain aspects of SL, there isn't to the everyday avatar.'

Welcome, Strawberry!


Blogger Unknown said...

W00t! Go Strawberry! Congrats :)

29 October, 2007 17:32  
Blogger Strawberry Holiday said...

Thanks Violet

30 October, 2007 18:28  

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