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Blackfyr McBride @ Nectaris Arts

Nectaris Arts
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Erin Talamasca is owner of Nectaris Art, which displays a regularly changing exibit of real life paintings and photography, including many of her own photographs and artwork. The current exhibit, which opened Friday, November 2nd, is a set of surreal imagery by an artist new to second life, Blackfyr McBride.

Many gallery owners shy away from new artists, knowing that it's artists with big names that bring in traffic and sales, but not Talamasca. She says "I had a new player approach me and ask about a show - I used to curate a place that existed to help new artists in SL, so it's something I like doing."

Erin Talamasca
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The "new player" in question is Blackfyr McBride. With only three months in SL, she hasn't had much exposure. A wide array of colors and styles in the works on display at Nectaris makes me think the Artist must use different media, or process, but in fact when I ask about this, I find I'm wrong.

Blackfyr: "It's mostly the same process with all of them. I start with a digital photo in Photoshop and make multiple layers which I then run through filters, overlaying them on the other layers and play with the interactions of the layers until I get something I like."

Blackfyr McBride
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Most of the photographs are Blackfyr's original digital images, as well. Though she says she sometimes uses stock photography or publicly available imagery.

Blackfyr has a website called Broken Hexagon, where there is info about her and her art, but like many of us SL artists, we've found something to be gained by exhibiting in this virtual world. For Blackfyr it was "People interested in creating. My website pretty much just sits there in cyberspace getting lost in the morass of crud, whereas SL has a built in population of people who either like to create or like looking at other people's creations - or both."

So if you're one of those people interested in creating, this new artist would love your feedback, and friendship! Stop by and see her work today at Nectaris! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Riiki/126/45/33



Blogger Savannah said...

Great post, Strawberry -- your interview with Blackfyr was really useful for people like me: those who don't create art regularly, but who want to increase our appreciation of it.

07 November, 2007 11:16  

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