Monday, November 12, 2007

Strawberry's World

Pictures from Strawberry Holiday's new installation.

A nice view - it's just up for a week
so now's the time to take a look.

Strawberry at work.


Blogger Strawberry Holiday said...

Thanks for the nice photoblog!

12 November, 2007 19:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strawberry's World is up only for a week? Oh no, I was hoping to come back again and again …

22 November, 2007 23:39  
Blogger Osprey said...

It's going to... hmmm... I think it is NMC - but you could ask Strawb herself.

23 November, 2007 00:03  
Blogger WendyOfNeverland said...

The current plan is for for both her Strawberry's World art installations, "A Fish Bowl View" and "On Their Journeys" to come down after Friday, Nov 30. Journey is then planned to be shown at NMC for about a month, but Fish Bowl will be retired unless someone would like to host it on their property. Strawberry plans on developing her next art installation on her Kush City land starting Dec 1.

26 November, 2007 15:37  

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