Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Damn You, Amalthea

I didn't actually want, or expect, to get tagged as I am Not That Sort of Person. However, since I was tagged by Amalthea, and since she's teh nicest person around, I will not do either of the things foremost in my thoughts at the moment. That is, I won't make up outrageous lies or dig in my heels and refuse outright.


1. I am a tender meme virgin. Be kind. Wait... it's bigger than I thought..
2. I was married once, briefly, a billion years ago, and my husband* was 8 years older, but our mothers were the same age. I said, "A woman is born with her eggs, therefore you and I are from eggs the same age." He whipped around and stared at me and said, "No one has ever had that thought before." HAHA!
3. Everyone is frightened of me. I think.
4.When I was about 5 and on a mushrooming expedition with my family, I picked up a good sized quartz rock and have had it ever since. I can remember finding it and what I thought at the time. That was... uh... *mumbles*.. years ago.
4. I'm just a wee bit violent. I was raised with horses and dogs and violent sporting pursuits, and it took me many years to become... uh.... less... feral. /me accidentally stabs the reader. Sorry - stabslock.
5. *looks at clock* Am I done yet? Hmmmm.... I'm an opera buff.
6. I think visually. Words are a translation and I don't communicate well with them.
7. *sneaks a look at Thea's list* I have never liked cooking although I am good at it. My kitchen cupboards are full of art-type stuff and always have been.
8. I usually ask people if they would rather be a sniper or a bomber.** I'd rather be a sniper. I'm always shocked when someone says bomber.*** I also frequently ask people another question, too, but TIMES UP NUMBER 8 PLEASE BRING YOUR BOAT TO SHORE

I'm not tagging anyone because this is an ex-parrot.

*(uncharitable comment removed)
** I once asked someone the question in SL, looked at him and noticed he was wearing a a prim bomb strapped to his body. He said this: HAHAHAHAHA
***Like my genius poet pal, Lucia.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

she tagged you, but you did not tag me ... *sob* ... I was planning to post 64 random facts about ME ME ME!

12 December, 2007 18:29  
Blogger Thea said...

Thank you, Os :)

Sniper, eh? That's what I would have chosen :D

12 December, 2007 18:38  

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