Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gallery Beleza Dragon Photo Event

Gallery Beleza is accepting entries in their dragon photo contest from 6 December through the 26 December. Second Life screenshots, manipulated or not, are eligible. It's a dragon photo contest, therefore photos must have a dragon in them - I know, I know, you saw that coming :D

From the notecard:

Permissions Each submission must be set to copy/modify/transfer (C/M/T). Submissions not made as C/M/T will be returned to the submitter. Although the submitter retains ownership of the original, the submitted item becomes the property of The Gallery Beleza at Avendale and its owner, Wealthy Mizser. The submission cannot be sold or used for barter by The Gallery without expressed written permission of the submitter, unless separate arrangements are made between the Gallery and submitter.

Second Round
Out of all submitted entries, fifteen will be selected to move on to the second round. For the January show in The Gallery Beleza at Avendale, these 15 pieces will be on display on the Main and Second floor. During the month of January, those visiting The Gallery will be able to vote for their favorite entries. Visitors can vote for as many or as few entries as they want. At the same time, each entry will be available for sale. All sales will be handled by The Gallery. The artist will get 60% of the total sale value, paid at the end of the second round. The price of each entry will be identical and a definitive amount will be determined at a later date.

The panelist for this years event will be: * Cosimo Urbanowicz * Fleep Tuque * LauraMaria Onomatopoeia * Octane Eliot * Pern Milestone * Yogi Fargis

Final Selection

Voting on entries will be closed at 9:00pm SLT on Monday, January 28th. The panelist will review the voting and, along with Wealthy Mizser, will determine the First, Second, and Third Selection as well as an Honorable Mention.


The First Selection will be featured in The Gallery Beleza at Avendale for the month of February. The artist will also be provide an opportunity to display a limited number of additional pieces. A Policy Agreement Card will be set up to detail all the arrangements and all art will be set for sale based on the Policy Agreement Card. In addition, the First Selection artist will get to choose one of the awards in the Award Pool.
The Second and Third Selection will, in order, select an award from the Award Pool. The Honorable Mention will get to make the final section from the Awards Pool.

Awards Pool

* L$5,000 - Octane Eliot has donated the above cash award to this competition
* Custom Dragon Avatar. Octane Eliot has agreed to work with the person selecting this award to design a customized dragon avatar. This will be a unique creation, exclusively for this contest and the award receipient.
* Childo Artist Residency.
Cosimo Urbanowicz and the Chilbo Arts Foundation will, for up to 2 months, provide the artist selecting this award with a parcel of land and up to 400 prims for use as a workspace, installation or gallery display. The Chilbo Arts Foundation will work with the reciepient, find the best location and type of proprty and build for their intended use.
* Gift Certificate to Tofino.
Yogi Fargis has provided a $L300.00 Gift Certificate to Tofino, a gallery and store with furniture and art.
* Gift Certificate to The Gallery Beleza at Avendale.
Wealthy Mizser has provided a L$500.00 Gift Certificate to The Gallery.

Acceptance of Terms

By submitting an entry you acknowledge that you read, understood, and agree to the terms outlined in this notecard.

Q&A Notecard
If you have a question, please check the Q&A Notecard at the Front Desk of the Gallery Beleza at Avendale. 􀀂
If after reviewing the card you still have a question, please submit it on a notecard to Wealthy Mizser. An answer will be provided directly to you and all questions and answers will be posted in Q&A Notecard.


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