Wednesday, December 12, 2007

La Reve.

Chimera of Muses.
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A laudanum induced vision or a Absinthe enabled dream enraptures the mind as La Reeve ( Teleport Here ) begins to rez. Lash Xevious claims that while her build in La Reve was not created under the influence, that it is there to give the viewer a peek into her dreams. Waking dreams, sleeping dreams, and the dream that residents of Second Life will begin to use SL as a canvas for creation, and not just a new commercial endeavor.

Lash @ Her La Reve
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Lash Xevious came into Second Life with a rich background in art. Sculpture work in clay, and portraits using soft pastels, charcoal, and pencil, oil painting, and even graffiti were her many media before she discovered her newest medium, Second Life. She spent nearly three years with a successful mainland hair shop, and then left it all, and built La Reeve, so that residents would see that "SL is still first and foremost a place to express yourself, to explore what's in your head."

La Reve is Lash's first large-scale SL build, though she's done other sculpture work for Burning Life and a winter festival.

Tamed Frustration
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The sim isn't all new works, however. Many different pieces come together to create her fantasy world. Blue land, mermaids, faeries, a fortune teller shack, and treasure under the ocean. Even Lash's first SL sculpture is tucked away in the sim. Among the plethora of original textures, sculptures and ideas, can you find "Tangled Frustration?" A snapshot cannot do it justice.


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