Wednesday, December 12, 2007

meme doing a meme

ME, rocking.
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1. I don't like things that are flavoured like strawberry. Artifical strawberry flavor, that is. I do like REAL strawberries.
2. I have a weakness for all things Torley. I watch the tip of the week, even if i already know how to do whatever it is just to have a Torley experience.
3. I, like Osprey, have never done a "meme" before. But how can you resist Thea?
4. My hobby is writing Haiku.
"half way through meme
four more fun strawberry facts
bored like prim plywood"
5. I'm morally opposed to making a shape with a smaller butt to wear with skirts. So make your skirts modify people if you want me to buy it.
6. I have two alts, both women. Actually my main name "Strawberry Holiday" started as my alt. My first av is "Strawberry Bommerang" But it annoyed me that it was Bommerang instead of Boomerang so I made a new one.
7. Sometimes I dream I'm in Second Life, when I'm asleep in Real Life.
8. I'd rather be a sniper, than a bomber.


Blogger Osprey said...

We can't resest Thea - it's like that story of the sun and the wind in a contest to make a man remove his coat.

13 December, 2007 14:15  
Blogger Thea said...

:D not like i've done this before, so i'm very grateful for everyone jumping in.
p.s. we should make a sniper team. muhaha!

14 December, 2007 01:29  

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