Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wearable Art: The Fishook Dress

Eshi Otawara has created a piece of wearable art that will be available until the 30th January. As she says, "The usage of fishook stencil sends out a direct message "If you come close, you WILL get 'hooked' !"- very bold and direct. The more graceful the movement of one who wears it, the more seductively the dress moves spreading out into a wild flower shape, splitting itself into wing-like shapes or, even, an aura-like halo which slowly settles back in place."

I'm always interested to see the wearable artforms in Second Life - something I've never seen in any other virtual world, and which run the gamut from abstract avatars to Queue Marlowe's bold and colorful creations which are not quite clothes, not mere showy costumes, but more abstract adornments. Here Eshi has a dress that will appear ordinary until the avatar swoops or swings, and as well as being a message saying the viewer will get hooked, is, to my mind, a subconscious play on "Barbies." Beware the barbs on the Barbies.