Friday, February 29, 2008

AM Radio's "The Refuge and The Prospect"

The Refuge and The Prospect

AM Radio's wheat field at "Far Away" has been one of the most photographed artistic installations in Second Life. For a limited time, until March 6th, you can see a new installation, on a larger scale: The Refuge and The Prospect.

The scale makes for a different experience, which is probably why the exhibit has a new name. Despite some of the pieces we have grown to know from the initial installation, The Refuge and The Prospect stands on its own and silently prompts visitors to participate by fitting into the look and feel. Don't be surprised if you find yourself taken over by an overwhelming desire to whip out a run-down truck and drive it on the highway through the middle of the set. :)

You can meet and greet AM Radio on Saturday, March 1st, at 6 PM SLT (Pacific time). Click here for a teleport link. Many thanks to Callipygian Christensen, who has donated the land for the artist's use.

Also, a heads-up: March 8th - Madcow Cosmos, the maker of dinosaurs and other fine things, will be next in line with an installation in the same spot.

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