Sunday, February 10, 2008

Illusions of Light and Words

Admittedly I'd never heard of To Ryba or Stray Aeon when I teleported to ArtSpace:SL following a landmark, but I'm glad I did. The notice that came among the plethora of blue windows I get from "Arts and Artist Network" claimed " Illusions in Light and Words" combined digital painting with text and installation art.

That was enough to get me to follow the TP. I'm sure glad I did, because when I arrived I found three different mini-immersive installations composed of dancing prims in an almost Juria style, combined with poetry awaited me in rooms, and when I sat on chairs, it pulled me in. This is exactly the kind of new work I like to see. Creative, original, and not something I've seen 100 times in 100 galleries in SL and real life!

Check out this exhibit yourself @ Artspace:SL and get used to hearing the names Tu Ryba and Stray Aeon… because I'll be following anything they do from now on.

And if you take any photos, feel free to contribute them to the new Flickr group