Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poetry Moment

Gitte Broeng.
Originally uploaded by Strawberry Holiday
If you looking for a fun mixed media moment in Second Life®. Gitte Broeng as her Second Life® avatar, Beatrice Coleslaw has a little minute long gem at Boom Pearls in SL. It's a sweet poem called "Hypothetical imperatives (desserts)".

This isn't an amazing, blow your mind, Second Life Experience. But it is a quick, fun read along moment.

SLURL: http:/

The Official Press Release:

Gitte Broeng: Dessert Room - at Boom Pearls in Second Life
Opening online, 21. February. 16-18 gmt+1. 7am-9am sltime.

Dessert Room is a hybrid work that mixes words/sound/image in an ironic vision which challenges traditional ideas about one of life’s sweetest phenomena: desserts.

The work examines what happens when all context is removed and a space without orientation arises. It is inspired by Second Life’s wasteland with no physical reality, where you are able to build a “second life” from scratch - but without scents, tastes and feelings, senses without which a dessert does not seem to be any pleasure at all - or any kind of food for that matter.

The starting point for the work is Broeng’s conceptual poem Hypothetical Imperatives (Desserts) based on dessert recipes that she has “emptied” of all ingredients. Instead of descriptions of delicious desserts we are faced with imperatives such as whip, grate, decorate.
Recipes like to make use of imperatives in the instructions and if the ingredients are removed the odd thing happens, that the recipes will appear as insensible commands. Completely inverse of the product they describe the making of.

Dessert is a total sensory boom, we do not need to eat, but eat anyway - of sheer pleasure. However Gitte Broeng’s dessert room at Boom Pearls’s territory in Second Life is completely devoid of sensuality. Here visitors will meet a monumental cookbook, which stands as a sort of open brown building in the desert-like surroundings. On the pages of the book the vertical commanding poem is seen and by pressing “Play” Broeng’s reading of the words, or rather orders is activated in the dessert room. To view the installation inside Second Life please visit this link: http:/, which will teleport your avatar to Boom Pearls in Second Life. Avatars can be made at

Gitte Broeng b. 1973. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Being both a poet and visual arts facilitator Broeng is interested in hybrids between the two artistic fields. She published the book “Interiør” (Interior), Hurricane Publishing in 2006, a book that she designed herself. Broeng has done several public readings and published texts including visual poems in literary journals in Denmark and abroad.

Dessert Room is the third show at Boom Pearls in Second Life. 8 artists have been invited as newcomers to this online world which consists of mainly user created content, and the exhibition projects show art at the transition from Real Life to Second Life before the artists have decided if they want to be integrated users of Second Life or not. Screenshots and other documentation can be viewed at Boom Pearls is curated by Jon Paludan.

The installation can be seen until 22. March 2009
Thanks to the Danish Arts Council


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