Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New World Gallery Updates!

Hello Art Lovers!

Here is an update on the upcoming exciting events from the New World Art Gallery!

This Thursday Oct. 5th at 7pm please join us for a special art show! Explore the artistry of three exciting sl artists, three times the fun!

Lagora Corinthian will be sharing his Sculptures. His explorations of the building tools available in SL have yielded some fantastic creations: detailed, organic, geometric pieces that seem like a natural extension of the SL enviroment.

Esch Snoats will also be on hand displaying his large scale abstract images. His energetic, colorful pieces will excite your optical nerves and engage your critical mind.

Niko Donburi will be performing live music for your enjoyment as well! Nico sings and plays the acoustic guitar with a quiet energy and open mind. "To me, the perfect song is one that you cannot stop thinking about. Perhaps it has a catchy chorus that flutters in your head. Maybe it paints a story so vivid that you could swear that it was about you. Or maybe it simply causes you to press 'play' one more time. These are the songs I try to write."

With all of this creative energy in one place, it is sure to be an exhilarating event!
See you at the show! :)

( Listen to Niko at http://www.sonicbids.com/nikodonburi )

**Info submitted byVlad Bjornson**


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately after only one week of being up, this exhibit is now gone. Vlad (owner of New World) is gone for a whole month and wanted to sell off the land to lower tier during that time. He was going to move to a new location anyway, so with him being gone for a long time sped that plan up.

The exihibit was up for a week and I want to thank everyone who made it over to see it! Please stop by my gallery, The Art Loft, if you wish to see some of the work I had on display at New World!

Esch Snoats

11 October, 2006 11:40  

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