Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Weekend Tour of the Galleries

I started catching up with the invitations to galleries that I missed over last month. For today, I'd like to introduce two artists: Bastion Weyland (David Daigle) and Alan Ceres.


Bastion's black and white photography is showcased appropriately in the artist's skybox in Thalassa. His work is a play of light and darkness that engulfs objects already touched by the passage of time. Through Bastion's eyes, each photographed piece attracts the viewer's attention through the charm of its imperfections.

Perhaps in Second Life, more than anywhere else, the worn out look provides a stark contrast to the graphics and impecable textures everywhere. Many thanks to Sasun Steinbeck for her recommendation.


Also, a quick heads-up to an exhibition I nearly missed -- ImprovScapes, Paintings by Alan Ceres. The gallery is a beautiful open space, with bright paintings that induce a feeling of serenity. Hurry and see the exhibit, it closes February 12th! :)


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