Thursday, April 19, 2007

Art at the aho-NMC campus

Three very different visual artists have been assembled this month at the aho museum the NMC Campus. Come and experience for yourself their individualist work. The event will be held on Saturday 21st April 4pm SL Time - make a note on your calendar now please !

Cubist Scarborough - Yorkshire - UK. He self proclaims himself to be an Inventor, Educator, Programmer, Designer, & Artist. His work here features 3D portraits that follow you when you move around the art space. Which is slightly UN nerving but done with such style it captivates.

Douglas Story - Wisconsin USA comments “My technique involves the scientific approach of jamming the lens into the flower and tripping the shutter. Oh, alright….a little more than that. I use a good tripod, a camera with a LCD screen that swivels (good for unusual camera positions,) and sometimes diffusers or reflectors – but the light is all natural. The images you see have not been altered with Photoshop; that’s the picture as it came right out of the camera “.

Nebulosus Severine - USA. Neb’s twin divided art space with a static TV presence; evocative with elements of the daily mundane.

In order to view this exhibit, you will need to search for nmc in groups and join the nmc guests group. Aho Museum-NMC Campus (65, 128, 26)


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