Friday, July 28, 2006

Vlad's DVD party has moved!

Vlad's reception for his music DVD launch has moved to Dreams Island :)

See you all there at 1 pm tomorrow (July 29th).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

THanks to everyone who attended the party - what a fun time! I was so excited to share my videos and receive so much postive feedback and inspiration. Really appreciate that so many folks took the time to stop by and participate.

We had Residents from all over the globe, too. I know that Germany, France, Australia, and the USA were all at the party - all watching vids from the Oregon Coast. W0ot!

Thanks again to the the Sojourner, Amalthea, and the Dreams.Shockproof team for letting me set up shop at the last minute. :D

30 July, 2006 00:03  
Blogger Thea said...

our pleasure, Vlad. it was a wonderful atmosphere...and your music and beautiful images helped make it happen.

keep up the good work :)

02 August, 2006 22:35  
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We had Residents from all over the globe, too.

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