Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What is art in a world made of art?

What is art in a world made of art? -- This is what the people at the New Media Consortium (NMC) would like to brainstorm, with the help of a select group of art thinkers in Second Life. Considering the recent real life art museum interest in the art of SL as well as in using SL as exhibition space, this discussion couldn't take place at a better time.

You can read more about it here.
August 12th, from 11AM to 1 PM SLT over at the NMC campus.

Larry Pixel is the mastermind and key organizer of the event, as Sasun points out in her comments. If you would like to participate, I was informed that there might still be a few spots left. Please IM me inworld or leave a comment here and I'll pass your request onto them. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to take the credit from Larry Pixel from NMC, who came up with the whole idea and is a key organizer of the event! It's fantastic that they have made NMC Campus sim available for this event. Looking forward to it!

03 August, 2006 11:15  
Blogger Ida said...

You know, I hadn't thought of it (shame on me and my BFA)! I would imagine that the same sort of qualities (design principles) in RL art/architecture can be applied to SL art/architecture. SLs structures can be more Impossible, but the human perception of beauty remains the same. I will say that, personally, RL paintings (unlike photographs or digital art) don't work for me in-world, I feel they loose too much of their texture and depth in the upload. Maybe this has something to do with human-made vs. machine made. Or maybe it's just that photographs are flat to begin with, and paintings just...aren't. Either way, this is a very interesting idea and I have already left you entirely too much of a comment about it! =)

03 August, 2006 11:51  
Blogger Thea said...

sasun - i corrected my statement about who is in charge. sorry about that.

ida -- that's a great point regarding the texture of the painting. i felt that myself for many pieces...there was one work that i was impressed with, by Erin Talamasca, called The Tree, in which the texture of the painting was captured very well. maybe we need better photography for those works.
i hope you can make it to the NMC discussion, would love to hear more of your thoughts. :)

04 August, 2006 19:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The slurl link dosen't work and I can't find the NMC Campus in the game anywhere. And I can't determine form reading things if the meeting is free for anyone to attend without invite.

There is a 4 mile long wall (like the wall of china) that starts at Horisme (40, 30, 121). Look for the big square opening at the begining of the wall (left side), and you'll see the 4 miles of tunnel inside, well lite with gallery like arches of lighting every 7 feet. It would make a good 4 mile long art show someday (linden owned).

05 August, 2006 03:13  
Blogger Ida said...

Thea, I would love to come if there are still spots available! (I had to be sure of my schedule before asking.) If I have missed my chance, I am sure you will catch us all up on the discussion.

05 August, 2006 06:49  
Blogger Thea said...

earl - the meeting isnt open, but there are some open spots. in order to reach the campus, you need to be a part of the NMC Guests group (which you can find in Search -> Groups and add yourself as member).

let me know if you are interested.

ida, i'll ask Sasun to add you...what is your full SL name?

08 August, 2006 10:16  
Blogger Thea said...

btw, LL has announced that there is a problem with Group invites, which will be fixed after the Wednesday, so don't get alarmed if you still can't reach NMC.

08 August, 2006 10:21  
Anonymous About Health Blog said...

If you would like to participate, I was informed that there might still be a few spots left.

21 March, 2011 04:51  
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