Monday, August 14, 2006

Announcing a New Art Museum -- Angel Dorei in Matsushima

While traveling to NY last week, I missed out on the opening of this new museum, Angel Dorei at Matsushima. Apparently, many of us did not, since the sim was full throughout the evening. Razi Semple and Manu Seattle, the owner and coordinator of the museum, respectively, were graceful enough to welcome me in person to their Japanese corner of the world and to explain the philosophy behind its existence.

Art inside the museum is organized on two floors of a lovely Japanese mansion. Pieces featured belong to Osprey Therian, Rusotu Salome, Jeff Barrett, Suzanne Logan, IanLee Patton, Ceria Semple, and Filthy Fluno. Razi Semple expressed a wish to have artwork cycle through the museum every two weeks to a month. He also extended an open invitation for artists to come exhibit here for free.

With the support builds of Amari Gable, this location is situated in the midst of a loving community that embraces art and is looking to provide a free setting for their exposure. If you are interested in exhibiting in the Angel Dorei Museum, contact Razi Semple or Manu Seattle.


Blogger Scarlet Singer said...

oooo nice ^-^ I like the theme.

15 August, 2006 02:54  
Anonymous Medical Blog said...

He also extended an open invitation for artists to come exhibit here for free.

22 March, 2011 04:24  
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