Thursday, April 19, 2007

Art a World Made of Art.

Hey Art Lovers!

Come visit the Island of Service (55,225,24) and take in the full sim exhibit of amazing sculpture created by STELLA COSTELLO! This is the third exhibition in a series of full sim installations that will run through 2007. This Exhibit will be on display for a couple of weeks and will be featured on Sunday, April 22nd at 4pm slt.

Stella's amazing array of sculptures are sure to please your senses(go ahead, taste and smell them too), and heighten your imagination as you browse the exhibit. One such piece you will see is pictured here and is titled "Primolution". Stella created this amazing piece using a very healthy 253 prims.

In order to visit the Island of Service, you will need to go to search, look for nmc under groups and then join the nmc guests group, it is free to join.

This series is a public service production of nmc campus.
NMC's SL Artist Showcase, Service (57, 224, 24)


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