Thursday, June 07, 2007

Folk Festival at Mill Pond - Starts tomorrow at 3 PM SLT

We hear every day about instances in which real life explodes into Second Life. Companies are establishing communities and stores here and artists are joining in an effort to reach out to new audiences. But how about the other way around?

Grace McDunnough in concert at Bonfire. Photo courtesy of Kronos.

Second Life is about to expand out into real life with the help of a full-scale, virtual folk festival. The beautiful Mediterranean towns of Mill Pond and Stone Hill are gearing up for a breath-taking two-day celebration of art and live music, kicking off at 3 PM SLT on Friday, June 8th. Nearly 40 live musicians playing at three stages throughout the Mill Pond and Stone Hill areas, this event has gathered artists from Canada, Australia, Europe, and the United States. These are some of SL's best singer songwriters, with Montian Gilruth, Montrealer Moody, Lyndon Heart, and Dale Boyle being just some of the names participating. A full list of musicians, the exact schedule, and landmarks/SLurls can be accessed
here. The stream url is freely distributed in SL and on the web at large in an attempt to broaden the audience for SL live music.

Grace McDunnough and Micala Lumiere, two of the main folk festival organizers.

There is also a section of art vendors & displays, so come check it out, support the artists, and enjoy a great display of talent!


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