Monday, May 14, 2007

"One Life" by Nobody Yap

Pedro García Muñoz (Nobody Yap) invites you to the press meeting that will be celebrated inside Second Life platform.
The meeting will be held in the Gonik Amphiteatre (NMC Campus 120, 99, 26), New Media Consortium property, Tuesday 15th of May, at 13:00 hours, Second Life Time), with the theme of the next inauguration of his art installation “One Life” that will be made 19th of May in the AHO Museum (NMC Campus 51, 97, 38).

The exhibition will be supported by the Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche and by NMC Group. You need to join the NMC Guests group before you can access this event.This group allows friends of the New Media Consortium to access the NMC Campus. Membership in NMC Guests is open to any interested party.

"Overall, my work tries to develop a dialog about the way in which the metauniverse interweaves across the individual “me” within everyone, until it becomes a physiological ratable level.
Through my installation, I seek to trace a swerve from the people viewing this technology as a development support.

I aim to center their efforts in understanding. Many other people are using it to supply physiological deficiencies: sex, affection, respect, identity, usefulness, etc.

I don’t want to judge anybody with my art, I am only intending to debate, the relationships with metauniverse, that human beings are able to generate, and what
underlying agents are causing them." -nobody yap


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