Friday, April 20, 2007

Dreams Community Fair, from now until April 28th

Although this isn't an art venue per se, I think many of you might enjoy the events and organizations (resident-run and non-profits) present at the Dreams Island fair.

This grand event happens ever year and it's put together by the wonderful The Sojourner, well-known mentor and founder of the stroke-support group Shockproof. Right now, more than 30 organizations from real-life and SL-born are participating in the fun of the fair. Come take a look around, get some cool freebies, attend meetings, and learn about the various active communities in SL!

While there, I ran into Tayzia, who is also becoming an integral member of Dreams and has helped pull together some of the art groups present here. Great seeing you again, Tay, and great job, as usual :)


Anonymous Daedalus Young said...

You should've been there Friday too, for the Linden Dunking.
Although I think Blue Linden actually liked it:
(pardon the spam :P )

21 April, 2007 11:17  
Blogger Thea said...

hahaha. that's very cool!

Thanks for sharing, Daedalus :)

21 April, 2007 13:41  

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