Friday, June 22, 2007

Krya, Vlad and Lou at the aho

The aho museum is proud to present a new collection of 3 artists - Kyra Gaea, Lou Portsmouth and Vlad Bjornson. Sunday the 24th of June at 4pm Slt @ aho museum, NMC Campus (49, 101, 38) **You must join the NMC guests group to visit the campus**

Gaea a painter, poet, composer and pianist in real life - presents oil on canvas & palette knife which is skillfull guided slides across her canvas producing truly inspirational works.

Bjornson says “mother nature has a wild imagination, and that he likes to experiment with the shapes and colours that nature creates” - his Natural Symmetry exhibition awaits you.

Lou Portsmouth - I have been keeping journals and making artworks since I was a very young child. At some point these two outlets for personal catharsis, immature and indiscriminate grumblings, and “analytical distance” merged together to become a mash-up of media and meditation, mapped in non-linear fashion onto the pages of folio-sized hardbound sketchbooks. The pages were shaped by clippings and scrawled doodling in pencil and ink, paint and magic markers swirled with reckless abandon, all with little reverence for - but keen attention to - the information barrage coming from external stimuli: friends, family, teachers, and the surrounding environment. As time went by, and lessons (both soft & hard) were learned, the thickening layers of the sketchbooks began to form a personal and distinct syntax and running narrative; I realized that I was in possession of a certain & deliberate apparatus for not only the marking of time, but also for the synthesis and synchronization of disparate and altogether non-sequential moments and occasions. Such a device has been an invaluable tool in my life, and I am ever searching for ways to transform it, to allow it to evolve. Second Life might just be the next major step, and the possibilities amaze me!

We greatly look forward to seeing you all there!


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