Friday, July 07, 2006



The theme is very loose, as always, and any interpretation is good -- the more creative and interesting the better. Graveyards, undead, grieving, coffins... or maybe a totally different take on it... you decide.

--->RULE CHANGE: 2 Categories<---

Category 1 -- Second Life - snapshots
Category 2 -- Second Life - manipulated imagery

3 Entries is the limit.
To Enter: Title entries with your name + title so Osprey doesn't lose it in inventory.

Send your entries to Osprey Therian with all perms. Give her an IM so she know to look for the entries.

NO BACKDROPS: take your pictures anywhere. Entries accepted until July 21st. The show will go up by the weekend, - and we will have an awards ceremony at 3pm on the Monday.

Prizes will be: 1050L total - divided between the two categories proportionally (if I get 85% snapshots then 85% of the prize money will go to Category 1.) I'm doing it this way as I never know what I'm going to get and I have to be flexible.

The Photography Studio is located in The Brownstone East, GrignanoGrignano is a pg sim.

Osprey says, "Hello!"

Teri LaFollette at Photography Studio of Grignano

See Teri LaFollette's display of inworld Second Life photography at Osprey Therian's Photography Studio of Grignano ... this display is just a taste of what will be on display at Barehunter's Furry Gorean Retreat, July 14th, 2006.