Saturday, July 22, 2006

Art in the Metaverse Medium at the San Jose Museum of Art

With ChingALing Bling, in front of Dancoyote Antonelli's installation proposal.

On August 7th, a joint effort between InterSociety of Electronic Arts and ZeroOne arts and technology festival at the San Jose Art Museum is opening its doors to a wealth of art, including an exhibition of creations from Second Life. ChingALing Bling of Ludica is heading the organizational efforts for the installation work on Brilliant and for the real world exhibit space. Together with Artemesia Sandgrain and other Ludica members, they have selected a group of 30 SL artists from nearly 70 submissions.

The exhibition, New West, will help foster creative efforts in SL as real art in a new medium. It will also offer artists a shot at reaching a larger and more diverse audience. Real life participants visiting the San Jose Museum of Art will be able to log in at computer terminals outfitted with screen projections and maneuver an avatar around the 3D art of the Brilliant sim.

Artists Molly Montale and Dancoyote Antonelli have stopped by today to look around the mostly barren Brilliant sim, to chat with the organizers, and to claim their turf. Antonelli, a local of San Jose, is interested in offering real life museum visitors tours of his art in the virtual space.

With earlybirds Molly Mantole and Dancoyote Antonelli
on the barren Brilliant sim.

For more information/questions, please contact ChingALing Bling or Artemesia Sandgrain.

Lay a Million Eggs or Give Birth to One: An Ecologist's Perspective

On July 22nd at 7 pm SL time, The Phoenicia Center is hosting the art of Mark Parr (Misconstrued Enzyme in SL) -- an exhibit of photography with nature and landscape shots from all around the western half of the the US, including Alaska.

From left to right: Mark Parr (Misconstrued Enzyme), Victor Newchurch, Amalthea Blanc

In real life, Mark works in the natural resource conservation field as a Remote Sensing/Geographic Information Systems Analyst.

His previous work as field ecologist has allowed Mark to experience some of the most beautiful places the United States has to offer. His photography is a combination of a lifelong interest in imagery and the shapes, forms, light, and textures found in nature.

Tonight's exhibit "Lay A Million Eggs or Give Birth to One: An Ecologist's Perspective", is a display of nature images from all the various places his career has taken him.