Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bumbershoot Arts Festival and Frye Art Museum

A series of RL-SL art events is under some serious planning...The collaboration between Bumbershoot Arts Festival and Frye Art Museum has given SL a new space, Sudo Island, where amazing things will happen.

Lots of cool artistic ideas and SL installations, some new and some old. Most proposals have a very interesting way of uniting the virtual and the real. For example, one show called Pixel Dolls, Meat-Space and Everything All at Once features work done by artists after they explored SL.

The person guiding these efforts, Earl Kamloops, explains: It will also include photographic and video documentation of the virtual projects in SL. Computers with Internet access to the Second Life will be on hand for real-time exploration of the virtual exhibition space.
The online component of this project will develop and show virtual works on a 16-acre island in SL. These works will include games, sculpture, installation, photography, architecture, design, audio and video. It will also include a selection of virtual works by residents of SL."

I was allowed a quick glance at the list of artists and it looks very promising, even if some are not confirmed.

Earl also mentioned that he is searching for people to help with some of the installations. Let's give him a hand! :)

What is art in a world made of art?

What is art in a world made of art? -- This is what the people at the New Media Consortium (NMC) would like to brainstorm, with the help of a select group of art thinkers in Second Life. Considering the recent real life art museum interest in the art of SL as well as in using SL as exhibition space, this discussion couldn't take place at a better time.

You can read more about it here.
August 12th, from 11AM to 1 PM SLT over at the NMC campus.

Larry Pixel is the mastermind and key organizer of the event, as Sasun points out in her comments. If you would like to participate, I was informed that there might still be a few spots left. Please IM me inworld or leave a comment here and I'll pass your request onto them. :)