Friday, September 15, 2006

Phoenicia Center for Contemporary Art

The Phoenicia Center is dedicated to bringing varied collections to all art enthusiasts. The Center was built in the classical art museum theme, with high ceilings and spacious galleries, complementing the exhibits.

Current exhibitions include: HEAVENLY BODIES: Figure and Erotic Photography; EVERYDAY DALIAN: Life in Modern Manchuria; BEAUTY & BLASPHEMY; Phil Borges: People of Endangered Cultures; and Lay A Million Eggs or Give Birth To One: An Ecologist's Perspective. They are also displaying the seven winners from the "Seven Days in Second Life" photo contest.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Shelf Gallery

I visited with Grain Drinkwater of Shelf Gallery today. Here are some of her comments:

"The whole gallery is meant for fly-in viewing. Our group is very SL-oriented. We have a new show every first Thursday with an opening. The works in the gallery rooms are all originals... no copies are exhibited. We are very commited to quality.

I belong to an artist collective/business/religion called Sacred Industries. Our [concept] is to fuse business with Art. Our business practice IS art.

As a group we are really interested in doing things in SL that you couldn't [do] in RL. We are really interested in Low-prim and simple beautiful graphics. We are SL super-modern style."

And now we are four...

Tayzia Abattoir has joined us! Welcome, Tay.

Jensel: RL Photos in SL

At the Photography Studio in Grignano through October 8th.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

is on every Sunday starting at noon and midnight.

Selador broadcasts an eclectic mix of music from his gallery in Umber, including off-the-beaten-track classical. Click the link to get connected.