Wednesday, January 24, 2007

UI Abstraction -- Photography Contest Winners

I'd like to take a quick step and recognize the winners of the UI Abstraction Photography Contest. I was very impressed with all the entries and I'm sure the judge, Candide LeMay, had a very hard time selecting only 6 images out of all the great submissions. If you haven't seen this exhibition yet, hurry to Gignano! Lots of new names too, thanks to everyone who helped spread the word. :)

Congratulations to all the artists who participated!

First Prize: Jacek Antonelli - Welcome 1
Second Prize: Vlad Bjornson - Garden construction
Third Prize: Crystal Falcon - Landscape

Fourth Prize: Daniele Hesse - Lighthouse
Fifth Prize: Ziggy Quirk - Overseer
Sixth Prize: Rae Zeta - Nature

Honorable Mentions:
Torley Linden - TT1-Dot
Verve LeShelle - Melted Verve
Pepper Laxness - Rose Quarks