Saturday, February 03, 2007

Journey Through Sabine's Land

If you like DanCoyote's Sky Dancers, you might wish to look at Sabine Stonebender's work. She made the textures for Dan's original dancers. :)

Sabine's bold, electric colors, create the feeling of being in another world. I was especially impressed with the idea of re-defining the Second Life space differently -- as a journey into immersive art. With the help of patron and benefactor Zero Medici, Sabine has brought to life a land of psychedelic places for your avatar to explore.

I happened to be experimenting with Fraps for the first time while Sabine was showing me around, so I caught this footage. I'd love to see Sabine control the media stream on the land and add her own music. Right now, I've compiled this short movie with the Chronicles of Narnia tune, "Only the Beginning of An Adventure". For a full feel of the journey (and without my choppy camera movements + clumsy transitions), I suggest you visit the place when Sabine is around and setting your world to midnight. :)

A short journey through Sabine Stonebender's immersive art land in Kelham (Second Life)

I'd also love to see a collaboration between DanCoyote and Sabine, where one could take Sabine's roller-coaster from the ground level of Dan's exhibition to the performance spot for the Sky Dancers. :) Lots of props to Sabine!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

" a World of Art"

Hey Everyone :)

Join us for " a World of Art," a new series of full sim exhibitions taking place through the spring of 2007 and hosted on the Service sim, part of the NMC campus in second life.

Through February 20th, 2007, see the eclectic vision of Ahkenatan Grommet in this full sim display of fantastic vehicles, skeletal dinosaurs, the crucifixion, charioteers, and soldiers along with other items he created.

" a World of Art" is a public service production of the NMC Campus