Monday, April 23, 2007

Open Source Museum of Open Source Art - Opening April 24th

The note below arrived to me via Deborah Maertens. The OSMOSA initiative is part of Brown University's presence in Second Life. :)

"We're excited to announce the opening of OSMOSA, the Open Source Museum of Open Source Art. OSMOSA aims to open up the process of art making and curating. By "open source," we mean that OSMOSA is in the public domain: visitors can add, modify, and remove art from the museum. In addition, the OSMOSA building is also open source, in that anyone can modify, add to, or delete parts of the structure.

We'd like to invite you to attend the OSMOSA opening reception on Tuesday, April 24th, at 5PM SLT/8PM EST. Please feel free to contribute art before or after the opening. In order to have rights to the space, you'll need to join the OSMOSA group. Membership in the group, of course, is open. If you find any restrictions on the site, please let us know - we're still working out the kinks!

We'd like to thank Kenny Hubble, Soupcan Tomsen, and the Loyalist College Team for generously building a wonderful structure for OSMOSA.

Cheers! Deborah Abramson, Kiera Feldman, and Davis Jung ("Deborah Maertens," "Koco Furse," and "Jinsaedavis Jun," respectively)"

Hope to see you all there :)