Friday, May 25, 2007

Second Life @

For those who don't know, it's a website where you can make books and put them for sale (simplification there).

The FIRST artist/writer I learned about who made Second Life books for sale at is Scrap Book. His first is a look at SL in general, while his second is a chronicle of every build in Burning Life '06. He has the books inworld at Grignano Books -- the first one is free, the BL06 book is L95.

When I was told a few days ago about Amy Freelunch's Postcards from Second Life I didn't think about it a lot as I was (as always) busy. I would guess that a lot of people are like me -- receiving a constant barrage of information to the point where I can't squeeze any more of it into my brain. It's like being a fois gras goose - o, unhappy thought. When I'm riding around on a unicycle in rehearsal or building a 5m world Leader medal and I get IMs or notices I tend to respond with the unused portion of my brain. Typically that would be the part that absorbed "Yummy Yummy Yummy I've Got Love In My Tummy" years ago and was therefore rendered unfit for any creative endeavor.

From the PR:
Amy Wilson's (Freelunch's) Postcards from Second Life is now available, and there will be a free signing of the book in Second Life on Saturday, June 2nd, 6pm PST at the Pooley Auditorium ( ).

The book, a set of watercolors documenting the travels of the artist inside a virtual world, is currently available at ( for $15 US.

The SL version of the book is created by Falk Bergman and will go on sale after the event for $300 Lindens at Bergman Books in Nemesis (

More (I hope) when I can actually look at it :D