Sunday, July 01, 2007

Throwing Stones Gallery

PleaseWakeMeUp Idler - Image 5

I am always fascinated with what people can do by adding several layers of complexity to something that's already there, in front of our eyes.

Sasun Steinbeck had sent me the landmark to PleaseWakeMeUp Idler a while ago (thanks, Sasun!) and I had taken pictures of his artwork. However, the installations are 3D and deserve to be experienced in person. I love his mix of colors, especially for the sunset/sunrise and abstract pieces.

PleaseWakeMeUp Idler - Image 3

I highly encourage you to go take a look for yourself at the Throwing Stones Gallery. And if you like what you see here, take a look at what others have done with a similar technical trick - I particularly enjoyed Lumiere Noir's exhibit stand at SL4B. If you manage to find your way there and not get lost because of the old-fashioned telehub transportation system, it's worth checking out! :)

Lumiere's Noir New Contraption