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Gallery Beleza Dragon Photo Event

Gallery Beleza is accepting entries in their dragon photo contest from 6 December through the 26 December. Second Life screenshots, manipulated or not, are eligible. It's a dragon photo contest, therefore photos must have a dragon in them - I know, I know, you saw that coming :D

From the notecard:

Permissions Each submission must be set to copy/modify/transfer (C/M/T). Submissions not made as C/M/T will be returned to the submitter. Although the submitter retains ownership of the original, the submitted item becomes the property of The Gallery Beleza at Avendale and its owner, Wealthy Mizser. The submission cannot be sold or used for barter by The Gallery without expressed written permission of the submitter, unless separate arrangements are made between the Gallery and submitter.

Second Round
Out of all submitted entries, fifteen will be selected to move on to the second round. For the January show in The Gallery Beleza at Avendale, these 15 pieces will be on display on the Main and Second floor. During the month of January, those visiting The Gallery will be able to vote for their favorite entries. Visitors can vote for as many or as few entries as they want. At the same time, each entry will be available for sale. All sales will be handled by The Gallery. The artist will get 60% of the total sale value, paid at the end of the second round. The price of each entry will be identical and a definitive amount will be determined at a later date.

The panelist for this years event will be: * Cosimo Urbanowicz * Fleep Tuque * LauraMaria Onomatopoeia * Octane Eliot * Pern Milestone * Yogi Fargis

Final Selection

Voting on entries will be closed at 9:00pm SLT on Monday, January 28th. The panelist will review the voting and, along with Wealthy Mizser, will determine the First, Second, and Third Selection as well as an Honorable Mention.


The First Selection will be featured in The Gallery Beleza at Avendale for the month of February. The artist will also be provide an opportunity to display a limited number of additional pieces. A Policy Agreement Card will be set up to detail all the arrangements and all art will be set for sale based on the Policy Agreement Card. In addition, the First Selection artist will get to choose one of the awards in the Award Pool.
The Second and Third Selection will, in order, select an award from the Award Pool. The Honorable Mention will get to make the final section from the Awards Pool.

Awards Pool

* L$5,000 - Octane Eliot has donated the above cash award to this competition
* Custom Dragon Avatar. Octane Eliot has agreed to work with the person selecting this award to design a customized dragon avatar. This will be a unique creation, exclusively for this contest and the award receipient.
* Childo Artist Residency.
Cosimo Urbanowicz and the Chilbo Arts Foundation will, for up to 2 months, provide the artist selecting this award with a parcel of land and up to 400 prims for use as a workspace, installation or gallery display. The Chilbo Arts Foundation will work with the reciepient, find the best location and type of proprty and build for their intended use.
* Gift Certificate to Tofino.
Yogi Fargis has provided a $L300.00 Gift Certificate to Tofino, a gallery and store with furniture and art.
* Gift Certificate to The Gallery Beleza at Avendale.
Wealthy Mizser has provided a L$500.00 Gift Certificate to The Gallery.

Acceptance of Terms

By submitting an entry you acknowledge that you read, understood, and agree to the terms outlined in this notecard.

Q&A Notecard
If you have a question, please check the Q&A Notecard at the Front Desk of the Gallery Beleza at Avendale. 􀀂
If after reviewing the card you still have a question, please submit it on a notecard to Wealthy Mizser. An answer will be provided directly to you and all questions and answers will be posted in Q&A Notecard.


I am not one to talk about myself and I have to come up with 8 things about ME? I blame you for this Stella!

1. My name is Tayzia, after the 1940's Disney film, Fantasia. Most people in SL however, pronounce it Tayzeea. Either works for me :)

2. My fondest memories of childhood are visiting my grandparents' farm, picking apples in the orchard, walking back to the woods and playing with the farm animals.
Except for that time when I got chased by that tom turkey, or accidentally let the chickens out of the coop and had to run around the barnyard to catch them, or stepped in pony poo...wait, maybe those aren't my fondest memories.

3. I was raised stay "inside" the box; I'm only just now discovering the outside.

4. I love to read, watch stand-up comedy; I love art, music, nature and dogs.

5. I will not watch horror movies and am scared of roller coasters.

6. I wish there were more hours in a day so I would have time to keep in touch with all my friends in SL.

7. I would love to someday visit Italy and Egypt.

8. I run around SL like a wide-eyed child in awe of brilliance and artistry that can be found everywhere.

I tag...Random Calliope, Barnesworth Anibus, Fayandria Foley, Lumiere Noir, Larry Pixel, Ravenelle Zugzwang, and Torley.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

meme doing a meme

ME, rocking.
Originally uploaded by
1. I don't like things that are flavoured like strawberry. Artifical strawberry flavor, that is. I do like REAL strawberries.
2. I have a weakness for all things Torley. I watch the tip of the week, even if i already know how to do whatever it is just to have a Torley experience.
3. I, like Osprey, have never done a "meme" before. But how can you resist Thea?
4. My hobby is writing Haiku.
"half way through meme
four more fun strawberry facts
bored like prim plywood"
5. I'm morally opposed to making a shape with a smaller butt to wear with skirts. So make your skirts modify people if you want me to buy it.
6. I have two alts, both women. Actually my main name "Strawberry Holiday" started as my alt. My first av is "Strawberry Bommerang" But it annoyed me that it was Bommerang instead of Boomerang so I made a new one.
7. Sometimes I dream I'm in Second Life, when I'm asleep in Real Life.
8. I'd rather be a sniper, than a bomber.

La Reve.

Chimera of Muses.
Originally uploaded by Strawberry Holiday

A laudanum induced vision or a Absinthe enabled dream enraptures the mind as La Reeve ( Teleport Here ) begins to rez. Lash Xevious claims that while her build in La Reve was not created under the influence, that it is there to give the viewer a peek into her dreams. Waking dreams, sleeping dreams, and the dream that residents of Second Life will begin to use SL as a canvas for creation, and not just a new commercial endeavor.

Lash @ Her La Reve
Originally uploaded by Strawberry Holiday

Lash Xevious came into Second Life with a rich background in art. Sculpture work in clay, and portraits using soft pastels, charcoal, and pencil, oil painting, and even graffiti were her many media before she discovered her newest medium, Second Life. She spent nearly three years with a successful mainland hair shop, and then left it all, and built La Reeve, so that residents would see that "SL is still first and foremost a place to express yourself, to explore what's in your head."

La Reve is Lash's first large-scale SL build, though she's done other sculpture work for Burning Life and a winter festival.

Tamed Frustration
Originally uploaded by Strawberry Holiday

The sim isn't all new works, however. Many different pieces come together to create her fantasy world. Blue land, mermaids, faeries, a fortune teller shack, and treasure under the ocean. Even Lash's first SL sculpture is tucked away in the sim. Among the plethora of original textures, sculptures and ideas, can you find "Tangled Frustration?" A snapshot cannot do it justice.


Okay I will play along, eight random facts:

  1. I have six avatars in Second Life, four women and two men (well, one hermaphrodite and one man).
  2. I make patterns in Photoshop from scanned images of my paintings and use them as fabric for the clothes I design, wear and sell at my shop Wearable Art.
  3. I love to sail in SL, but in RL I have not sailed since childhood.
  4. I joined Second Life on Valentine's Day 2004.
  5. I have had the name Enjah since Uru Live, and I have no idea where it came from, but I like it.
  6. I love watching movies and some TV, reading and of course, doing artwork.
  7. I am part of The Show Must Go On, a vaudeville troupe. We are working on a video of our show now and plan to have a new show in 2008.
  8. My hobby is creating odd-looking avatars that no one would want to buy.


Damn You, Amalthea

I didn't actually want, or expect, to get tagged as I am Not That Sort of Person. However, since I was tagged by Amalthea, and since she's teh nicest person around, I will not do either of the things foremost in my thoughts at the moment. That is, I won't make up outrageous lies or dig in my heels and refuse outright.


1. I am a tender meme virgin. Be kind. Wait... it's bigger than I thought..
2. I was married once, briefly, a billion years ago, and my husband* was 8 years older, but our mothers were the same age. I said, "A woman is born with her eggs, therefore you and I are from eggs the same age." He whipped around and stared at me and said, "No one has ever had that thought before." HAHA!
3. Everyone is frightened of me. I think.
4.When I was about 5 and on a mushrooming expedition with my family, I picked up a good sized quartz rock and have had it ever since. I can remember finding it and what I thought at the time. That was... uh... *mumbles*.. years ago.
4. I'm just a wee bit violent. I was raised with horses and dogs and violent sporting pursuits, and it took me many years to become... uh.... less... feral. /me accidentally stabs the reader. Sorry - stabslock.
5. *looks at clock* Am I done yet? Hmmmm.... I'm an opera buff.
6. I think visually. Words are a translation and I don't communicate well with them.
7. *sneaks a look at Thea's list* I have never liked cooking although I am good at it. My kitchen cupboards are full of art-type stuff and always have been.
8. I usually ask people if they would rather be a sniper or a bomber.** I'd rather be a sniper. I'm always shocked when someone says bomber.*** I also frequently ask people another question, too, but TIMES UP NUMBER 8 PLEASE BRING YOUR BOAT TO SHORE

I'm not tagging anyone because this is an ex-parrot.

*(uncharitable comment removed)
** I once asked someone the question in SL, looked at him and noticed he was wearing a a prim bomb strapped to his body. He said this: HAHAHAHAHA
***Like my genius poet pal, Lucia.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A meme is to be had!

Stella tagged me with this meme and, although I don't typically do these things, I also realize that many who read this blog don't know much about the writers. So I'll share my 8 random facts, and pass the torch to Strawberry, Enjah, Osprey, and Tayzia. :)

1. I chose my name, Amalthea, from the she-goat who fed and raised Zeus in Greek Mythology. My friend, The Sojourner, quickly named me Thea.

2. I love cooking in real life, I think of it as chemistry experiments that you can actually taste! I also heard that molecular biologists make very good cooks, but it may just be a coincidence :)

3. When I have free time in SL, I'm usually attending a live music performance by Grace McDunnough or eyewall Paine ... I love the Live Music Enthusiasts Group!

4. When I truly enjoy an art piece, I will write about it and/or make a machinima. I don't often write negative reviews. However, the opposite is not true...if I didn't get to write about something, it may mean RL stepped in and distracted me.

5. Art, literature, and music all blend for me - they are languages we humans use when simple words aren't enough to express how we feel. I doubt that I will ever be able to pursue them in real life, which is why I'm happy to do so in SL.

6. I tend to have several truly close friends and few acquaintances, but I'm always happy to meet new people, so say "hi!" if I don't :)

7. The Dreams sim, a community that serves as outreach for stroke and Asperger's Syndrome support, has always been a big part of my SL life.

8. I used to watch a lot of anime when I was little, with Italian voice-overs. I'm still in love with the Italian theme songs for anime...weird combo, heh :)

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