Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SLart Warfare

In a move guaranteed to enrage the art community, someone named ArtWorld Market has trademarked "slart." The term has been around for a long time and is used by Second Life residents when they refer to inworld artwork. Since "SL" is commonly added to just about everything ("SLamazons, SLeek, SLiterary, SLesbians, SLarchitecture, SLawyer) it's obvious that the reason it was able to be trademarked was that the government body in charge of trademarks has not got clue one when it comes to SLingo. To them it was probably a novel and ungainly little made-up word. Actually it's a common, ungainly little word the use of which predates the trademarking and even the rezdate of the usurping avatar.

Vint Falken is fighting the good fight over at her blog.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Not long ago a blogwriter here was approached by someone mentioned fleetingly in a very old blogpost I had written. What was it - 2005? The post itself was about an artshow at Dreams, and well I remember going there and wandering about. It's a good thing I can remember as my post - on my own blog - was deleted to appease that person, and not by me. I was very surprised and angry. No, not at the deleter - at the person who seems to be wandering the blogosphere searching for innocent references to himself.

If I had been approached I'd've removed his name, certainly. Not my entire post including photo. Should this EVER come up again (although I can't even see why it came up once) the official policy is this: approach the person who wrote the post.

I am thinking of IMing the person in question to complain that he has destroyed part of my blog with his meddling, however I haven't yet.