Friday, August 18, 2006

Farewell to Starax

Promises, By Starax Statosky

Starax's departure from SL was a tremendous loss to anyone who knew and loved him or his artwork. The works produced by Starax have been an inspiration for new people entering Second Life and for many of us who appreciated in them the essence of the SL spirit -- creativity, beauty, endless possibilities, an opportunity to be playful.

Starax's wand, undoubtedly one of the most amazing items ever made in Second Life, was deeply affected by the last client update. This single object allowed the person wearing it to temporarily resolve in the world sculptures/small scenes based on keywords entered in the chat box. The aftermath of dealing with the glitches of the update ended with Starax leaving SL, completely canceling his account, and selling his virtual property.

Kate Proudhon and her hippo, Warren :)

Kate Proudhon, curator of the Tye Dye Plaza Gallery, fell in love with Starax's works after seeing his animal renditions, in particular his hippopotami. She had never met the artist "in person" and she is still new here, at just 3 months of Second Life. However, the artwork has left such a deep impression on her that she is organizing a small get-together tomorrow, August 19th at 4pm, in fond memory of Starax and the multitude of ways in which he touched people.

Join us on Topgol, at 4 PM SLT. :)


Blogger Vlad Bjornson said...

Does anyone have a quick reporton this event? I would have loved to attend - danged 1st life job!

19 August, 2006 23:37  
Blogger Thea said...

Hi Vlad, I unfortunately was not able to stay too long myself, but it was a friendly gathering -- with a hippo present :)

20 August, 2006 08:54  
Anonymous Christy Dena/Lythe Witte said...

Hello Art News Gang, I was so upset to about Starax. I wrote a piece on his wand at SLATE, hoping to get news about his wand out there even more. It is now a homage. :(

20 August, 2006 20:46  
Blogger Thea said...

beautiful piece, christy! :)

27 August, 2006 19:01  
Anonymous christydena/lythewitte said...


11 September, 2006 02:54  
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