Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Exotic Humors @ Nectaris Art

Opening: Thursday, 14 December, 2006 at 3 pm PST

RL programmer Alain Talamasca brings together organic forms and alien beauty to create pieces with a tranquil, enticing air. Like the scent of rare spices on a warm summer breeze, his works insinuate themselves into one's psyche, creating an atmosphere of their own, drawing one further into the world of the unknown; into unexplored realms of the new and the strange.

In this show, Exotic Humors, Alain creates an alien wonderland of xenophilic delight. Twists, spirals and spheres all combine to form the ethereal beauty that is a hallmark of his work.
Inspired by the abstract pallette of human emotions, many of his pieces inspire a sense of transcendence from which one can see new vistas of thought, feeling and action.

The often hypnotic blend of graceful curves and unusual textures inspires thought to take on new and unexplored directions, leaving behind the mundane and entering into the realm not of what is probable, but of what is POSSIBLE.


Blogger Thea said...

Beautiful work, as always, Erin :)

26 December, 2006 07:49  
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