Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Living Art Garden, by Abbaca Aoi

Abbaca's art garden (Abbacadabra) is a soothing place of gentle beauty and mystery. I have stumbled upon it many weeks ago and have been planning to film for a long time now.

Abbacadabra 3

Needless to say, it has taken me more time than anticipated to get to this machinima, but my attachment to the place only grew over time. I love the peaceful, almost hypnotic feel of Abbaca's work and the "other world" essence of it. It has enough traits to make you believe you are in a regular earthly garden (small paths, a building, etc.), with the added magic of moving sculptures. Her work reminds me of a 3D mix between the Electric Sheep screen saver (no connection to the SL company) and this.

I also just found out that Abbaca is a musician in real life! She has recently launched her new Ambient/New Age/Electronic CD and is giving away a free track at her listening studio in the garden. You can listen to it in the video below; I have used it as soundtrack for my exploration of the Abbacadabra garden. If you like Enigma, you'll love Dreammaiden. :)

hope I managed to capture some of the charm of the place:

A movie of Abbacadabra, Abba Aoi's living art garden in Second Life, with music from Dreammaiden.


Blogger Kumi said...

what a wonderful film you made of Abbaca Aoi's sculptures and music -- she is a force of nature :)

18 May, 2007 12:32  
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