Saturday, December 08, 2007

Nebulosus Pays Homage To Jim Morrison

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Today would have been the birthday of Jim Morrison, of The Doors. To honor that, Nebulosus Severine, owner of Arts and Artists network made a building, shrine, dancing space, homage to the spirit of Jim Morrison.

Nebulosus Severine
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The inside is a kaleidoscopic rainbow dream, with particles, love beads that long to have been alive in the 70s.

Almost as cool from the outside, a mega prim sphere encompassed in twisted, colorful prims, flash under the moon, as it wraps the dancers inside in it's cocoon of dancing light.


Shrine from Outside
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Nebulosus Severine promises that this, the perfect chill-out art spot will be up for a little while, so check it out, while it's there.
The calming environment will wrap your avatar in art and music and provides the perfect place to RELAX.

See it Here.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Photography Art Show opening at Cannery on Wednesday, Dec. 5th

Shoshana Epsilon has just informed me about a new celebration of photography in Second Life taking place on Wednesday, December 5th at Cannery Rezzable. The party actually starts at noon and goes on until midnight, with an official opening event at 4 pm SLT (Pacific time).

The featured artists are listed below, with links to their Flickr accounts in case you'd like to catch a glimpse of their work before you see it in SL:
Other artists showcasing here are Steven Venkman, Ryker Beck, Shoshana Epsilon, CodeBastard Redgrave, Vint Falken, etc.

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