Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Loco Pocos Are Arriving!

I was recently invited to beta test the Loco Pocos adventure island, created by the super-talented Damien Fate...and I can't wait until July 9th, when the doors of the sim open for everyone to explore! This place is not only breathtakingly charming, but it's also chock-full-of-details and follows a beautiful story that unfolds as you visit the space. It's actually a perfect introduction to Second Life, in a myriad of ways. Read on for details and info on how you can get in before the crowds!

Welcome to Loco Pocos island! - coming to a friendly island next to you on July 9th
Sending you love from the Loco Pocos! :)

I'd say that there are three levels of complexity that made this experience truly special:

1. The customizable avatar
2. The story of the island
3. The gaming/puzzle elements

First, you are encouraged to explore the lush island by fitting into the story and becoming a character. If you want to try the deep immersion, definitely get the avatar pack. It contains one of the cutest and most advanced bunny tinies I've ever seen. The package also comes with a pleasant HUD that allows for easy control of emotional expressions, gestures, and endlessly customization of your avatar & its accessories (hats, glasses, tshirts, etc.). As you visit various spots on the island, you can win treasures, typically swag items for your avatar. No description can do this justice - just go try it out!

The Loco Pocos HUD
Loco Pocos avatar HUD

The storyline really makes use of all the elements and invites visitors to learn more about the history of the place. It's seamless and doesn't seem forced. The background is part of the large puzzle of the island - you get small insights into why the giant tree exists and where the abandoned ship or lighthouse areas fit.

Welcome to Loco Pocos island! - coming to a friendly island next to you on July 9th
Down the bunny hole to start the journey!

By the time you start the individual brain twisters, you are won over by the character of your new avatar. The user experience in the various puzzle sections is incredibly well-developed and thought-out, both in the gaming aspect and in adapting a game to the Second Life environment. There are four games: one situated at the abandoned ship, one in a tunnel/maze, one on a burning lake of lava, and the final one in a hobbit-like village.

If you like what you're reading and seeing, you can join the Loco Pocos group for free right now and get a sneak preview on July 6th. All others will be allowed into the island starting July 9th. Either way, this is one island you won't want to skip!

Damien Fate @ Loco Pocos
The talented creator of Loco Pocos - Damien Fate

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