Friday, August 25, 2006

The Albion Gallery

Albion DeVaux has a new gallery in Porcupine showing and selling his "semi-abstract" paintings, sculptures and furniture. The stone textures are blended with digital paintings that resemble tissue paper collage. Albion paints in the "real" world as well, but has no website, sadly. I particularly like this piece with its opaque inner and outer surfaces and its translucent edge. The small gallery is designed so that each piece has its own space and can be contemplated quietly.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Remember - this was supposed to be around 5 minutes long (although it's a bit longer). It wasn't short by accident.

Questions* after the performance:

Reuben Tapioca: Any questions for the actors/ director?

Lordfly Digeridoo: how long did it take to make the sets?
Os answering later: I built the second set first, in about an hour and a half, then made set 1 a few days later. Details like the furnishings were added as we went along. The play is inspired by a painting I did ages ago, with Enjah Mysterio writing an original script that we tweaked and changed as needed.

Zenigma Suntzu: How much of the gestures were centrally synced, and how much were under the control of actors?
Os: everything was actor-controlled - my actors are teh ge-ni-oids

Reuben Tapioca: Roughly where in RL were all the actors?
Lucifer Baphomet: in front of our PCs
Os answering later: Chicks in the USA - I'm in Washington State, Eileen is in Texas, Ida is in Alabama -- and Luc is in - Scotland. I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong - I don't do meatspace.

Troy McLuhan: I read something about a HUD. What is it for?
Os answering later: The HUDs give the lines in the character's name, and with greater ease for the actors. Actually I've never seen them, so I can only descibe how it looks to the audience.

: The HUDs were implemented as a way to free up the characters to use their emotes, anims, and movements. No more 'typing' anims while acting! They also allowed for the lines to be delivered in character, instead of by the Av playing the character.

I have plans on making them a bit more complex - giving the director and writer more freedom to easily change the actors lines while rehearsing. I'm also adding some features to allow for an audience to 'hear' what is said more than 20 meters away from the stage.

Myrrh Massiel: ...have you considered synching to an audio performance, prerecorded and streamed?..
Os: in time - yes (well I didn't really read the question - so no, actually - that's too dead for me)
We have big plans to do the video with the recorded voices of the cast

Myrrh Massiel: ...i guess the greatest challenge with recording your own audio with a remote cast is production consistency...
Os: hey - if you want perfection this may not be the right place :D

*which blew by me in a frenzy of chat at the time (plus nine IM windows and multiple picture that popped onto my screen from somewhere

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Be there or be square...
6pm on 24 August 2006
New Globe Theatre
Millions of Us sim
RSVP to Green Fate

The Art Loft - Moved, Improved & Expanded

Esch Snoats, owner and curator of the Art Loft announces his gallery's move to a bigger and better space in Owlet. This change will help accomodate more artists and more works to be displayed.

Esch, a nature photographer and digital artist, sees his Loft as a place where real-life artists can come exhibit their works to a large audience. The gallery's exhibitions circle monthly through a series of art selected and curated with care. September, for example, brings to the public artist BD Gilmour, a natural photographer as well. Niko Donburi will be performing live music during the event. His acoustic and instrumental pieces will act to complement the nature photopgraphy art on display.

Come check out BD's photography starting September 15th at 6 PM SLT, and contact Esch for more information on how to exhibit here! :)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Omegasun Art Gallery - Opening Today

Sasun Steinbeck introduced me last night to a new and dynamic art gallery owner in SL, Omegasun Harford. His gallery opening event is today, starting at 1 pm, with the artist meeting and greeting people around 3 pm.

As a graphic artist who has only recently discovered SL, Omegasun has enjoyed exhibiting his artwork for friends and a few museums before deciding to open his own gallery. He is currently showcasing many of his works, executed in Photoshop and Cinema 4D, but plans to experiment more with the scripting abilities of the SL medium in the near future.

I'll be stopping by the "meet the artist" event at 3pm today on Sunset Beach. Hope to see you there!

...and many thanks to the most excellent Sasun for connecting us :)